About us

LLC «Sarikhosor-Travel» is the first and unique travel company within Baljuvan district of Khatlon region. LLC «SariKhosor-Travel» is functioning under the license of the Committee for Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tajikistan. Activities of LLC «Sarikhosor Travel» are realized by a definite statute under the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan. Competing firms within the Republic of Tajikistan sets tourist trips to the north and west of the country, but we offer you a places of pristine wilderness, which will charm you. The purpose of creation LLC «Sarikhosor-Travel» is basically a keen interest of foreign and local tourists, which had an opportunity to get to this magic land with their friends and acquaintances. Having been once in the embrace of the green mountains of Sari Khosor, guests again and again visits these places. With a huge interest learn the subtleties of the local culture and the local way of life. With the big curiosity intersects the forests, mountains, rivers and narrow paths with the enjoying of the fresh air. Before the establishment of LLC «Sarikhosor-Travel» all foreign and local visitors came without a specific program and certain route. Thus, most of visitors weren’t able to visit the most beautiful places of Sari Khosor. LLC «Sarikhosor-Travel» offers to its tourists to make a daily program, which corresponds to the interests of the tourists. Within the framework of this program we prepare is the most interesting route to the wilderness of the mountain nature. Cooperating with us, primarily we will provide you an interesting and impressive vacation and safety. LLC «Sarikhosor-Travel» has its own official website and cooperates with leading hotels of Tajikistan. Our representatives will meet you anywhere in Tajikistan with at a pre-compiled program, and will provide the further instructions with maximum comfort. In «Sarikhosor-Travel» works qualified translators, travel guides and the organizers of tours. In the Sari khosor local staff of LLC «Sarikhosor-Travel», who knows the flora and fauna of the area, will give you useful tips and instructions. LLC «SariKhosor-Travel» also can arrange not only within Sari Hosor Baljuvan area, but also other touristic destinations and interesting trips. We offer you to visit the Sughd region, Khatlon, Pamir, Rasht and other regions of Tajikistan.