LLC “Sariкhosor-Travel” is a natural park located in southern part of Tajikistan. The maximum height of the mountains reaches up to 3500-3700 meters above the sea level. Besides the overall and widely distributed wild animals the following animals like ibex, wild boar, bears, urials, stone martens, bobcats, otters, snow leopards and variety of snakes inhabit in this area. Within the frame of law about nature and environment protection it is possible to get a license for hunting of certain kinds of animals.
    The tourists interested in hunting can apply to us as our company will offer you the most suitable region of Tajikistan. You will be able to hunt for wild boars and wolves any time of the year. The period from September to February is the best time for hunting for ibex, marmot, wild hares, porcupines and variety of birds. Huntsman and guides accompanying tourists during hunting are the locals of Sari Khosor. They fully know the area, the most suitable places for hunting and have a big hunting experience. You can widen your collection of hunting trophies from Sari Khosor as the fur color of every animal has its distinctive point. The hunted prey has a special taste. What a pleasure is to enjoy a deserved supper under the starry sky of Sari Khosor.
    We welcome each and every guest. Explore Tajikistan. Visit all sights of our country. The wildlife, waterfalls, mountains and rivers are waiting for you and your loved ones. We are putting great efforts to make the tour exceptional.
LLC “Sariкhosor-Travel” cherishes your trust. 

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